The innovative logistics management system that provides real-time monitoring to all the stages of road freights transport

A transport experience

You benefit from a product-oriented design and support for a digital and efficient supply chain.

A collaborative portal

Kourtim offers you a collaborative tool dedicated to the management of land transport. Communication between your partners becomes more fluid.

A tracking solution

Benefit from a multi-stakeholder traceability solution that increases your responsiveness and improves customer’s service quality, ensuring maximum delivery reliability.

Centralized data

Kourtim centralizes operational data from your eco-system (carriers, logisticians, customers, suppliers ...) on a single tool, allowing you to analyze and control your flows and transport costs.

A web and mobile solution

Kourtim offers a transport solution, accessible on the web and mobile, and ready to use, for a simple and fast information sharing.

A customizable platform

You hold a flexible and adaptable solution to all the business sectors: retail, food-processing, automobile etc. Our mission is to deliver you e-solutions transport relevant according to your activity.