What services does Kourtim offer?

Kourtim develops collaborative solutions for real-time tracking of road freight flows. Kourtim also supports its customers in the operational implementation of these tracking solutions.

As a carrier, can Kourtim help me looking for new customers?

No, Kourtim doesn’t offer connection services with and between shippers.

Nevertheless, many contractors are looking for carriers able to offer visibility and traceability at the transport execution level. As a carrier, being equipped with Kourtim can be a differentiating and positive factor in transport tendering.

As a shipper, can Kourtim help me to look for carriers?

No, Kourtim doesn’t propose services for getting in touch with carriers.
Kourtim don’t propose calling services of offers. Kourtim doesn’t propose deposit packages for the carriers like freight exchanges.

Kourtim proposes only a collaboration solution allowing a better traceability and information exchanges facilitated between actors already having established and regular contractual links.

Where are Kourtim’s servers located?

Kourtim uses a secure data storage service based in Europe for all the information stored for its customers.

In which languages ​​is the system available?

The Kourtim web platform is available in English, French and Arabic.
The mobile application is available in French and English.

Is Kourtim free for carriers ?

Yes Kourtim is completely free for carriers who use Kourtim to remit tracking information to their customers. As a carrier you can also use Kourtim for your own fleet.


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